This card plants a tree
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This Card Plants a TreeThis gift card plants two trees!

Planting certificateIf you've received one of our gift cards then you've sponsored the planting of a tree! To find out more about your particular tree just type in your unique Tree Code.


Read on to discover all about our trees.

What is Tree Twinning?

Tree Twinning is our initiative for extending the benefits of tree planting to developing countries. Through Tree Twinning you can opt to match every tree planted in the UK with another in Africa. Your first 'twin' tree is planted in one of our UK locations for all the environmental, biodiversity and social benefits that Tree Appeal champions. Your other 'twin' is planted by our charity partner, International Tree Foundation (ITF), giving some of the poorest communities in the world the resources they need to fight poverty and become self reliant. Read more about our Tree Twinning projects.

When will my trees be planted?

They may have already been planted. In the UK the traditional planting season runs from November to March, during the colder months when the saplings are dormant. During the winter we build up a 'stock' of planted trees to see us through to the summer. Trees sponsored during the summer will be planted at the earliest opportunity in the autumn. For the African 'twin' the planting times are much more flexible so your tree could be planted at any time of the year. When you enter your Tree Codes into our database you will see the confirmed or projected planting date for your trees, along with the location and species.

What kind of trees are they?

For locations in the British Isles, Tree Appeal only plants native broadleaf species, grown in the UK from collected seed. These are species such as oak, beech and hazel, chosen for their beneficial effects on biodiversity and habitat creation. Read more about the types of tree we plant. Similarly, the trees planted in Africa are of species chosen for their environmental benefits and where possible providing resources for the local communities. Read more about our Tree Twinning projects.

Who plants them?

Our trees are planted, mostly by volunteers in locations that include woodlands, wildlife reserves and schools. We do our best to select projects where our trees will have the maximum environmental benefit. In Africa we choose projects that aim to reduce major threats to biodiversity while benefitting local communities. Projects like this are run collaboratively by local communities, ensuring there are a variety of livelihood benefits for those that rely on the local environment.

Where are they planted?

Environmental organisations and schools throughout the UK can apply for free trees from Tree Appeal. Since 2005 we've planted more than 480,000 saplings like this. In Africa the locations are chosen with the help of our our charity partner, International Tree Foundation (ITF). Some recent projects that have received trees sponsored by this gift card include:

In Africa:

And in the UK:

Between them these projects have received many hundreds of tree sponsored through 'This card plants a tree'.

To buy this card and sponsor the planting of another tree visit our store on Amazon