Find out what Tree Appeal can do for your business

Tree Appeal logo Planting trees to create wildlife habitats, combat climate change and make a greener world.

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Tree Appeal and your business

Tree Appeal plants trees on behalf of your company. We take care of the logistics of planting your trees; we find suitable sites and make sure the right trees are planted in the right places. You don't need to lift a finger, unless you want to that is.

As one of our Corporate Partners you have access to Tree Appeal branding for use on your literature and point of sale material.

We can assist with the organisation of high profile PR tree plantings, providing environmental celebrities when required and, most importantly, give you a really strong USP.

Tree Appeal gives environmentally responsible companies a way to integrate tree planting into their business activities and give back to the natural world.

Tree Appeal presentationGive your customers the opportunity to buy products and services that help to make a greener world and a better life for all.

Download our business presentation (PDF file, 2MB)

By planting native broad-leaved trees throughout the UK we are supporting companies' sustainability plans, helping to make a greener world and a better life for all.
Cause Related Marketing
CRM can affect buying behaviour and positively affect brand perceptions. Link tree planting to your customers' purchases and give them the credit!
Corporate Social Responsibility
Address your environmental footprint and engage with your local community. Tree planting generates valuable content for your annual report.
Paperless Billing
Incentivise your customers with tree planting. For example, encourage them to sign up for Paperless Billing by planting a tree on their behalf.
Celebrating company milestones
Mark a company milestone, celebrate a success and bring a green focus to landmark events such as a conference, product launch or new premises.
Reposition as a green company
You're doing the right things so let people know about it. Draw attention to your company's green credentials and receive the recognition your efforts deserve.
A unique selling point
Tree Appeal can offer exclusivity to Corporate Partners, based on product, sector or region. Set yourself apart from your competitors in a very special way.
Raise your company profile
As a means of generating positive PR, locally and nationally, Tree Appeal is unbeatable. Tree planting is always a 'good news' story.
Tree Twinning
Tree Twinning is our initiative for extending the benefits of tree planting to developing countries. Read about it here.

To find out more about what Tree Appeal can do for your business call 01833 696740 or email us at