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Firstsource provides business process management to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies in the Banking & Financial Services (credit cards, insurance, retail banking, collections and mortgage companies), Telecom & Media (fixed line, mobile, broadband and narrowband service providers) and Healthcare (payor companies) industries.

The company offers a broad range of services to its focus industries from Banking and Financial Services (credit evaluation, accounts set-up, customer service and account maintenance, dispute resolution, mortgage origination and servicing, insurance policy issuance and administration, payment processing, collections, research and analytics) to Telecommunications and Media (customer acquisition, provisioning and fulfillment support, customer service, billing support, dispute resolution, churn management and collections) and Healthcare (mail and document management services, claims processing, claims pricing, claims adjudication and healthcare provider database maintenance).

The company has established a broad delivery base for its services, with over 14,000 people across 24 global delivery centres in India, Philippines, UK, US and Argentina.

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