Tree Appeal Partner

Walters Medical

Walters Medical graphicWalters Medical is a young and dynamic organisation with a customer focused attitude and approach to business. We address everything we believe is important in a medical supply company; a dedicated range of quality products at realistic prices, great customer service and a can do attitude.

Our aim is to deliver a unique combination of specialist critical care products, service provision and direct supply.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Aims

At Walters Medical we are committed to delivering excellent value and service. We understand the importance of showing our customers that we take our corporate and social responsibility seriously. Our aim is for CSR to be embedded within the culture at Walters Medical. One key element of our strategy is our commitment to tree planting through our partnership with Tree Appeal.

Walters Medical's trees have been planted in the following locations:

St Peter's Primary, RH13 8QZ

15 trees

Somerville Primary School, B10 9EN

30 trees

Bewick Bridge Community Primary, CB1 9ND

20 trees

Preston Primary School, HU12 8UY

35 trees

Fenton Community School, SA61 1BZ

50 trees

Delabole Primary, PL33 9AL

25 trees

Brockholes - Lancashire Wildlife Trust, PR5 0AG

50 trees

Bedford High School, WN7 2LU

25 trees

Duloe Primary Academy, PL14 4PU

50 trees

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