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David Bellamy - Why I’m passionate about trees!

David BellamyTrees are amazing things. They live longer than we do and throughout their lives, they do something useful every second of the day. Each one is a high rise hotel and snack bar for birds, mammals and insects.

Sadly, in my lifetime, Britain and the rest of the world has lost many of its natural woodlands and forests. Over the years I have helped to save woodlands and forests by planting the right trees in the right places all over the world – from Iceland, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Australia, Borneo, Brunei, India, Fiji and many more.

Along with Tree Appeal, I have visited and planted trees in schools the length and breadth of the UK and Ghana in Africa and have had some amazing experiences. Tree Appeal and I aren’t just interested in growing trees – we also want to help growing minds.

David BellamyPlanting trees in schools not only helps create woodland habitat, but provides an excellent learning resource. It is vital that our future generations are given the chance to forge important links with the natural world.

Planting trees is something I love, and working with Tree Appeal, I have planted trees throughout the UK and in Africa and am proud to have helped them with their task of stitching our own landscape back together, tree by tree.

Professor David Bellamy, OBE, 1933 - 2019

We were deeply saddened by David’s passing but will forever treasure the fond memories of working with such a larger than life personality. See some pictures of David's Tree Appeal work.